Esmark, Inc. & Esmark Youth Development, LLC

Esmark, Inc. is a diversified, privately-held family holding company with a portfolio of industrial companies with strong roots in the steel industry. Over the years, Esmark has diversified its interests and operations into a number of businesses engaged in the industrial and commodity sectors. Esmark (a former publicly traded company on NASDAQ: ESMK) has expanded its portfolio to include businesses engaged in steel services and metals fabrication, oil and gas exploration, aviation services, real estate, business services, technology and youth development and sports management. For more information visit: Esmark, Inc.

Esmark Youth Development, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Esmark Inc., was formed to develop and support a wide range of youth sports and recreation programs, childhood development and education initiatives, and other community-based philanthropic programs in Western Pennsylvania. The creation of the Esmark High-School “All-American” Recognition Program (EHSAA) is a natural extension of Esmark Youth Development’s commitment to advancing amateur sports and recreation programs across the entire U.S. For more information visit: Esmark Youth Development