EHSAA Mission Statement


The Esmark “All-American” Recognition program was created by Esmark, Inc. Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer James P. Bouchard to recognize outstanding athletic, academics and community service achievements by all high school athletes across the United States in 16 major sports programs and five geographic regions.

As part of the company’s wholly-owned Esmark Youth Development subsidiary, the “All-American” Recognition program is an extension of Esmark’s ongoing commitment to developing and supporting youth and recreation programs, childhood health and development initiatives, and philanthropic endeavors that assist at-risk children and families across the Northeast and Midwest regions of the country.

                                                                                                Mission Statement

The Esmark “All-American” program’s mission is to become the Premier U.S. high school student-athlete recognition program for more than 7.7 million high school boys and girls participating in sports programs who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and accomplishments in sports, academics and community service. Our mission embraces the values and characteristics that guide young student-athletes, through actions and decisions, including:

  • Teamwork, dedication and respect for fellow student-athletes, teachers, administrators and opposing athletes;
  • A commitment to excellence in the classroom, on the playing fields and in the communities we live in and serve;
  • Strong family relationships built on trust, accountability and helping those in need; and
  • A love for competition, fair play and sportsmanship, regardless of the outcome on the playing field.